Why Do You Need a “Single Property” Website?

Single Property websites allow agents to provide more information about a listing in a customizable space.

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Why do Single Property websites stand out so much?

Special homes deserve their own corner of the Internet – at least that’s what buyers will think when they come to “123MainStreet.com”. A website focused on a Single Property, allowing you to customize the entire audience experience.

Indeed, Special Homes deserves its own place on the Internet.

Unlike real estate portals, where house-hunters quickly scroll through homes and get distracted by competing information, a dedicated website draws potential buyers to your home and only your home. They have to physically leave the site if they’re not interested, and there’s no risk of a buyer losing your listing information in the sea of homes on the market.

You have more freedom to market your property on a single domain with virtual tours and detailed property specifics. You can include information about nearby schools, restaurants and community parks. And with full control over the layout, you can upload more images in a visually appealing way without bombarding buyers with a small slideshow box.

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