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Get More Done with
Your Personal Assistant

Get a helpful personal assistant on your phone by installing the mobile app. It will always be with you.

The application has:

Listing Management: You can manage your own listings.
Sharing Listing: Share your listing with a potential client – send them a link, PDF, or image with a detailed description.
Listing Adjustment: Quick and secure access to adjust the price or description without entering a username and password.
BCard Tool: It allows you to present your contact information as a business card.
vCard File: BCard can generate a Virtual Card file. That can be sent to the client and by opening this file all your contact information will be automatically installed in his phone.
BCard Share: You can share any of your contact information using the standard “Share” feature.
BCard QR Codes: It is also capable of generating QR codes containing your contact information.
Mortgage: Allows you to calculate your loan or mortgage, save the result as a PDF or image, and share the results using the Share function.

Application screenshots

Download the App

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App Store Image

The iPhone (iOS) application has been created. It is currently under review by the App Store. This usually takes one week to six months.

Demo Code

Try App Demo Version

You can download the application for free and use a Demo Account to test how it works.

1. Just send us a request and we’ll generate the code and email it to you within 24 hours.

2. You can do this in your website’s admin panel. See User Manual.