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MyRE is amazingly responsive and is always happy to help with any updates I’ve needed for my website.
They are excellent to work with.
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The turn around time and response to requested changes to my site has been fantastic.
And the price cannot be beat.
Very satisfied so far!
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Amazing service, customer service is 100%.
Alfredo is very helpful with any questions.
Great Job Guys!
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I had gone without a website for over a year and was skeptical about going through the process again. After talking directly with Alfredo I felt more confident that this would work.
In a very short time my website was designed and became active. I needed a few things changed and the person I dealt with (Anna) was both pleasant and effective. The things I wanted tweaked were done promptly and I am a very happy customer.
I am impressed with the service and wholehearted recommend them.
If I can answer any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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You must be kidding me!!?
I was skeptical that I would get good service from a template style website. Before I signed up and paid my money I asked if any possibility of customizing a few things. They said yes. I expected it to be hard and maybe not happen at all. Not only have they completed all my requests but they did them quickly.
Our new page is stunning and outperforms sites that were many many times more money. I can’t say enough about the value in this product.
Anybody can contact me any time and I’ll prove what I am saying.
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I am highly impressed with such an excellent service.
It took seven (7) minutes for you to correct and answer the requested information.
Congratulations on a job so excellently done.
Thank you!
Blanky Marquez Bradshaw,
Jackie Guelde Realty, Inc., Florida
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My website just went live this morning and I can’t tell you how excited I am thinking about how it is going to change my future!
MyRE and their representatives have been wonderful to work with.
My website was up and running within 24 hours, and for a monthly cost of less than $20, you can’t beat it!!
I’m very eager to get my personal website dialed in to help me promote my business.
This is so very cool! Let’s do this!! 🙂

Rodney Beasley
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Amazing service! They were very helpful and caring during set up. Unlike other companies that stop helping once you have signed up.
My RE Services gives Five Star Service that is reliable and fast.
Everything is working perfect.
Thank You

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I had been unsatisfied with all my previous websites but you need website presence.
I have been in the Real Estate business over 40 years but you still need to be seen.
These guys, (Alfredo) helped me do exactly what I wanted in a very short period of time and I’m up and running again for a fraction of what I had paid in the past.
Thank you, guys.
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My experience with MyRE was great from the get-go to finish.
They are professional, friendly, tech-savvy, and very helpful all along. They promise to have the website up and running in 24 hrs, and so it was!!! Their price is truly competitive.
If you are a realtor and need a website builder and host I would definitely recommend working with MyRE.
I rate them FIVE STARS.
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Website creation was fast and very professional.
Subsequent change requests were processed quickly and accurately.
Both the sales and support departments are outstanding.
I would highly recommend this company.
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This company is nothing short of being miraculous.
From start to finish they have been so helpful and supportive, unlike most Internet companies that assume you know how to do everything. This is not the case with MyRE Services.
I called them on Friday morning and my site was up and running by Saturday morning. They set a new standard in real estate websites. They are what I like to call a true Class Act.
Will recommend them to everybody and anybody who asks me.
5 Stars

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The team was great – they helped me get my site up and running and exactly the way I wanted it, quickly and responsively.
So far, everything is working just as I expected and I’m happy.
Thank you!

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I had no problems going through the necessary steps quickly setting up my website for a true professional appearance and user friendly. Above all, customer support was exceptional with consistent communication and advise in a timely manner.
I am extremely happy for MyRE for saving me time and money and highly recommend their expertise and knowledge when building your Real Estate business online presence.
Steve Rich,
Coldwell Banker Residential.

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A few years ago, a colleague recommend I look into an IntRE website, and I was really impressed with what I saw. I was even more impressed with their customer support! When I’ve had a question, their response time was incredibly fast. For years I looked for a website that was responsive and easy to manage and was frustrated with the high costs and poor customer support, I received. The websites offered by the different brokers I’ve worked for also lacked the dynamic appearance and functionality my IntRE website has.
Now to make things even better, they’ve rolled out an even better website, under the MyRE. When it comes to value, functionality and support, no website provider offers anything close! If you are in the market to purchase a new website, I highly recommend you look into purchasing a MyRE website. You will thank me you did!

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As a Professional Real Estate Agent utilizing Intro USA is an awesome choice to help promote my brand.
Setting up the website was a fast flawless process.
The website design is a professional finished product that will grow my Real Estate business and the affordable cost makes it a valuable investment for my business.

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I am really happy with MyRE websites.
Customer Service excellent. It is a complement to my initial website.
Thank you for your excellent work.

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I have been Florida Real Estate Broker over 20 years had many website providers and developers.
I have been working with IntRe about 2 years and Max and his team are the best!
New “Location Search” by City Parameters is something what I have not seen anywhere. Our clients have now over 10 extra options to find the best place to live.
Unbeatable functions, easy to manage and real 24/7 support. Also the lowest price on the market. I highly recommend working with MyRE!

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I love my website!!
Customer service is on point and ready to assist!