Meet the MyRE Support Team

You need to know who you are talking to. Please check!


CEO, European Head Office

I’m available anytime except Thursdays and weekends.
That’s it.

Our Team - Alexander


Official Representative in USA

I speak English and Spanish. Please don’t send me any requests in French or Russian.

Our Team - Alfredo


Programmer, Customer Service

I can do anything you need. But describe your tasks more clearly! I need screenshots.

Our Team - Max


Programmer, Customer Service

I like to sleep until noon and I hate stupid questions! Please formulate your questions correctly.

Our Team - Anna
Unbeatable Prices: Why?
Naturally, you’d like to understand:
Our Office Magic Look
  • No Silicon Valley luxury offices in our expenses;
  • Remote team reduces overhead costs;
  • No Board of Directors – no bonuses;
  • Hire new talented programmers;
  • Most of our processes are automated;
  • High-tech reduces labor costs;
  • Compact team with fair compensation;
  • Open source technology avoids expensive licenses;
  • Direct marketing saves on advertising costs;
  • Sells directly to you, saving association costs;
  • And of course, we want to have a price that nobody can beat!