Meet MyRE Support Team

You need to know who you are talking to – please check!


CEO, European Headquarter

I’m ready to help you anytime except Thursdays and weekends.
That’s it.


Official representative in USA

I speak English and Spanish. Please don’t send me any requests in French or Russian.


Programmer, Customer service

I can make anything you need. But describe your tasks more clearly! I need screenshots.


Programmer, Customer service

I like to sleep until noon and I hate stupid questions! Please formulate your questions correctly

We are Sure You Want to Know –

  • We don’t have a prestige office in Silicon Valley;
  • We don’t have Board of Directors making millions of dollars in bonuses;
  • We hire young talented programmers for product development;
  • Most of our processes have been automated;
  • We use the newest technologies to minimize staff costs;
  • We don’t have a large staff with a great salary as all Associations have;
  • We know that American real estate agents love our products – we plan to include all the States, from coast to coast in MyRE Free Listing Service;
  • And of course, we want to have a price that no one can beat!