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Regular price for professional personal real estate website starts from $2,000 without support.
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Professional website: Ready-to-use, full-featured website for real estate business. It will create a professional and positive impression with every client.
1,000+ pre-installed pages: Detailed city descriptions and real estate data.
ADA Widget: Accessibility options for the disabled are included.
(*ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act)
Virtual Card: Allow your clients to download all of your contact information to their smartphone or computer in seconds using the vCard. It’s automatically added to their contacts.
Multiple lead capture methods: “Schedule a Tour”, “Schedule a Call”, “Testimonials”, “Home Valuation”, “Property Management”, and other information requests.
Online chat PRO version: Your website visitors need help every day. Help them with live chat and watch your sales soar!
Different “Searches”: “Location” search, Map search, IDX/MLS search integration.
Resources for buyers and sellers: Useful tips for your clients, real estate glossary, mortgage and loan calculators.
Total Design Freedom: Thousands of pre-installed templates and color schemes with the ability to change any block design, website colors, etc.
Unique Landing page: Use pre-installed blocks (“First Screen”, Real Estate News, Schedule a Call, Testimonials, Social, Best Cities to Live Slider, Featured Properties, Our Team, etc.) with parallax, video, sliding image, slider, animation or other effects of your choice.
SSL Certificate: Enables secure connections from a Web site to a visitor’s browser.
Mortgage Calculator: Calculate and send a PDF mortgage report to your clients.
Web Real Estate Net: Your own listing page, nationwide free listing service, internal IDX network between all MyRE users.

Toll Free: 1 (800) 559-5729 (We speak English and Spanish)


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I had no problems going through the necessary steps quickly setting up my website for a true professional appearance and user friendly. Above all, customer support was exceptional with consistent communication and advise in a timely manner.
I am extremely happy for MyRE for saving me time and money and highly recommend their expertise and knowledge when building your Real Estate business online presence.
Steve Rich,
Coldwell Banker Residential.

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Website creation was fast and very professional.
Subsequent change requests were processed quickly and accurately.
Both the sales and support departments are outstanding.
I would highly recommend this company.
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As a Professional Real Estate Agent utilizing Intro USA is an awesome choice to help promote my brand.
Setting up the website was a fast flawless process.
The website design is a professional finished product that will grow my Real Estate business and the affordable cost makes it a valuable investment for my business.

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This company is nothing short of being miraculous.
From start to finish they have been so helpful and supportive, unlike most Internet companies that assume you know how to do everything. This is not the case with MyRE Services.
I called them on Friday morning and my site was up and running by Saturday morning. They set a new standard in real estate websites. They are what I like to call a true Class Act.
Will recommend them to everybody and anybody who asks me.
5 Stars

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MyRE News

February 3, 2023
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We have created Personal Application for Real Estate Professionals. It's completely free.
The Android version is already available to download from Play Market.
The iOS version is currently reviewed on the App Store.
The application has: Listing Management, Sharing Listing, Business Card Tool, Virtual Card Generation, Contact Data Sharing, Contact Data QR Code Generation, Loan Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Mortgage Calculator Results as PDF file.
December 21, 2022
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We created a new feature for your website - Virtual Card

Your website visitors will be able to get all of the agent's contact information to their smartphone or computer within seconds using the Virtual Card File (Also known as vCard or VCF, is a file format standard for electronic business cards). Download .vcf file and open it on your device - all the contact data will be automatically added to your Contacts.
Your website visitors will be able to generate QR codes with your contact information.
September 7, 2022
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We've adapted the access to the admin panel of your website from cell phones!
Great news - now you can edit your listings data, your personal data, work via online chat, check your website visits statistics and much more using your cell phone. Our next step is to release a mobile app that will work with all of the above options. You will be able to get instant access to your website's admin panel directly from the app.
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Coming Soon

Submitting to the App Store
Google and Apple Stores Logos
Description: We are working on getting our app into the App Store. This can be a long process - it can take up to six months. It's normal for Apple to ask for all the little things to be fixed as much as possible.
We are here now:
Build #4 - Problem: Guideline 4.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality.
Progress: 33%
Google and Apple Stores Logos
Description: As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, we are currently planning to update our city statistics using the latest U.S. Census Data. Our database currently includes more than 20,000 cities, and the process of entering the new data may take some time. However, we are committed to completing the task as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe that by using the most recent data, we can assist realtors like you in obtaining even more clients in the future.
Progress: 5%

Try Your Personal Application

Get a helpful personal assistant on your phone by installing the mobile app. It will always be with you.

The application has: Listing Management, Sharing Listing, Business Card Tool, Virtual Card Generation, Contact Data Sharing, Contact Data QR Code Generation, Loan Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Mortgage Calculator Results as PDF file.