Custom Work

On Your Website

Included with Premium Support

We provide free Premium Support to all our customers as part of our MyRE system.

Your Support

Installation – 24 Hours
Phone Support for Filling out the Application Form
Change DNS Records or Nameservers
Optimizing Your Images for the Web
Website Personalization
Connect to Google API Services (Integrated with MyRE)
IDX Feed Installation
Our Team Block Installation
Testimonials Block Installation
Your Socials Block Installation
SSL Certificate Installation and Maintenance
MyRE Software Upgrade (Upon Request)
Restore Your Website from Backup if Necessary
Email Support
Change Blocks on Landing Page
Change Website Design
Change Website Template
Change Color Scheme
Brokerage Data Changes
Find and Fix Bugs in MyRE

Custom Work for Extra Money

We understand that our clients may require more specialized support. If you prefer to outsource certain tasks, we are also available for hire.

Your Support
Our Rates

Custom Work Samples:

Install a simple WordPress plugin ~ $15
Install the CRM WordPress plugin ~ $60
Install technically complex plugin – from $120
Add a new custom page ~ $30
Create your own blog page ~ $20
Create a blog post (you provide the content) ~ $20
Add your own listing data ~ $60
Create a new, unique menu design ~ $60
Create a new background for your website ~ $60
Create a unique image for your website with AI ~ $60
Replace graphic elements with unique ones – from $30

For all non-standard work, we can only give you a quote after we have reviewed the job.

Send Us Your Request

How it works:
You send us the requirements for the work and we invoice you for payment via PayPal.
In 99% of cases (excluding major holidays), work is completed within 24 hours of payment.

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