User Manual – How to Use Online Chat?

The online chat has two modes of operation – “Offline” and “Online”.

1. Realtor is offline.

  • If there is no realtor in the chat admin panel, offline mode is automatically turned ON.
    offline chat
  • In this mode, the visitor cannot chat. Instead, he is given a contact form in which he can type in the contact details and send a request to the realtor.
  • If the visitor sends a request, the realtor will receive an email with the contact data of the visitor. The request is also duplicated on the main page of the chat admin panel.
    offline chat

2. Realtor is online.

  • If a realtor is logged in chat admin panel then his status is automatically set as “online”. In this mode, a visitor can see the online chat widget and he can write a message to the realtor, send an image or PDF document.
    offline chat
  • If the visitor sends a message to the realtor, then:
    1. If the realtor has the “Live Chats” tab opened and the visitor chat window is open, the message will appear in the window;
    2. If the realtor has the “Live Chats” tab opened but he is in online chat with another visitor – the chat icon with incoming message becomes a different color with the label “NEW”. By clicking on this icon the realtor will be able to see the new message.
      online chat
    3. If the realtor has another tab opened, the message appears in the chat admin panel with a sound warning about a new incoming message. Also a tab for switching to a new message is highlighted (see above).
      offline chat
  • The realtor, being on the “Live Chats” tab, can see all active conversations, and by choosing any of the conversations write a response to the visitor, transfer a picture or document.

Step 0 – How to log in to the admin panel.

  • Add /myre-admin/ after your domain name in your browser address bar and click “Enter”;
    admin panel
  • Input your “Login” and “Password” (See detailed instruction how to login HERE);
    Log In Page
  • Click the tab “WebChat” on left menu.
    offline chat

Step 1 – Admin panel features.

#1 – “Dashboard”

  • Here you can see a list of “OFFLINE REQUESTS” (if any).
  • There are three different statuses – “Favorite”, “Unread”, “Read”. You can also change the statuses from your side.
  • Requests sorted by status (primarily) and date of receipt.
    offline chat

#2 – “Live Chats”

  • This is the page on which all active chats are displayed.
  • By default, first you can see the newest message.
  • On the left side of the page you can see the icons of all active chats. If you click on any of these icons, then you activate this particular chat.
    online chat
  • On the right side of the active chat you can see a block with visitor’s information (location, IP address, etc.).
  • In the center you can see the history of all messages between you and the visitor.
  • The messages that are not written today have a timestamp and date.
  • In the lower part under the messages there is a field for communication between you and website visitor. Type in your message and click “Enter” – the message will be sent. The same message will be sent when you click on the red button. The combination “Shift + Enter” will move the text to a new line. If you want to transfer a picture or PDF document, then click on the green button and select the desired file. The maximum size of the transferred file is 10Mb.
    offline chat
  • In the information block (right-hand side) there is a “Block User” button. By clicking on it you will block the visitor and the chat will disappear. He will no longer be able to send you the messages (from his current device).
    offline chat

#3 – “Visitors Online”

  • On this page, you can see all the visitors who are currently browsing your website.
  • Each visitor is displayed as a block with information about his location and the device he is viewing your website.
    Online chat

#4 – “Unread”

  • On this page, you will find the latest messages which you haven’t read yet.
    Online chat
  • By clicking on it you will be taken to a special page where you can see all messages and will be able to type in a response to the message.

#5 – “Archive”

  • On this page, you will find all chats with visitors who have ever written to you.
    Online chat
  • Chats have 3 statuses – “favorite”, “unread”, “read”. You can change it by yourself.
  • The chats are sorted by status (first of all) and the date they have been received.
  • By clicking on a chat block you can read the entire messages.
    1. You can reply to archived chats with the statuses “favorite” and “unread” directly from this page.
    2. Also on this page you can block and unblock a visitor using the “Block User” and “Unblock User” buttons (while the messages remains intact).
    3. You can delete all messages by clicking on the “Delete Chat” button.

#6 – “Settings”

Online chat

    On the page you can:

  • set your headshot for the chat widget;
  • change the notification messages that are displayed to the visitor;
  • set timers for specific chat events;
  • select a sound for new messages;
  • configure SMTP to send messages to your email in case of new messages or requests receiving.

Step 2 – how does user’s chat work.

  • When a visitor opens the website for the first time, the script analyzes the visitor and if it is not a bot, it creates a special user identifier and saves the data for storage.
  • If the realtor is online and “active”:
    1. After a certain time (set in the settings), the visitor will be able to see a “welcome message”, if before that he hasn’t opened the chat on his own.
      welcome message
    2. If the visitor does not open the chat, then after a certain time the chat will open itself and there will be “First Message” (you can change it in your settings).
      first message
    3. If the visitor closes the chat, the “Welcome Message” and “First Message” will no longer appear today.
    4. Going through the pages of the site, the chat will save the status from the previous page. In other words, if the chat was opened on the previous page, then on the new one it will be opened automatically.
    5. After the visitor writes a message to the realtor, a timer will start, which after a certain time (if the realtor does not answer or start answering during this time) will display the “Busy Message” for the visitor, informing that the realtor is a little busy and you should wait (you can change it with your own message). After the “Busy Message” is displayed, a timer starts, which, in case of further inactivity of the realtor, displays “Nobody Message” with a request to tell the visitor’s contacts so that the realtor will be able to contact the visitor later (you can change it with your own message).
      busy message
  • If a realtor is not active (offline):
    1. “Welcome message” does not appear and the chat does not open on its own.
    2. If a visitor opens a chat, he will see a feedback form.
      Online chat
    3. If the visitor fills out and sends a feedback form, then after sending he will be able to see a special message set in the settings. The second form can be sent only by completely closing the website and reopening to avoid spam.
      sent message