Shortcodes For Your MyRE Website

What Are Shortcodes in WordPress?

If you’ve been using WordPress for a little bit, you might’ve come across the term “shortcode.” While shortcodes are a beneficial feature in WordPress, the name isn’t very self-explanatory (at least at first). That might have you wondering what shortcodes are in WordPress?

In a nutshell, a shortcode is a small piece of code, indicated by brackets like [this], that performs a dedicated function on your site. You can place it just about anywhere you’d like, and it will add a specific feature to your page, post, or other content.

Mortgage Calculator

[SCMR_Mortgage parameters="l,m,e" type="open_tab" price="100000"]

You can use “parameters” to change default tabs order:
l – loan
m – mortgage
e – mortgage expert
The values must be comma separated if you want to use all three tabs.

You can use the parameters “type”to change the default tabs style:
open_tab – the tab open by default
tab – the tab closed by default

You can change the parameter “price” to set up start value
price – input the value without comma

Agent Card with text and image


You can use it on any page of your website.

Small Agent Card with phone, email and image

[SCMR_Business_Card_Long parameters="psv_ag_img@psv_ag_phone@psv_ag_email"]

You can use it on any page of your website.

Social Sharing Widget

[SCMR_Social url="link" tit="title"]

You should insert the page link at the parameter “URL” and input your title in the parameter “tit.”

Button Shortcode

[SCMR_Button link="#" title="" value="Input Your Text" align="center" class="myre_button direct" id="tutorial_but" target="_self"]

link=”#” – button link
link=”” – Java Script for the button (for high technical skill users)
value=”” – button text
title=”” – button title
align=”center” – button text alignment (left, center or right)
target=”_blank” – leave as it (for high technical skill users)
class=”myre_button” – additional class
id=”id_myre_but” – button ID

Title Shortcode

[SCMR_Page_Title text="Title" subtext="Sub Title" margin="10px"]

You can leave “Subtitle” empty if you don’t need it.

Quote Block Shortcode

[SCMR_Quote width="500px" align="right" author="Your Name"]Text HTML[/SCMR_Quote]

You can use it to make your text pages more readable.

Separator Shortcode

[SCMR_Separator type="1" margin="30px" width="300px" color="#000" site_color="#000"]

You can change “Type” from 1 to 9 and chosen separator will appear.
It can be used at any place of the website.

Email & Your Phone Number

[SCMR_Menu_Contact type="1"]

You can use this shortcode as your signature after any text. Both links are active.

Yours or your office listings

[SCMR_Agent_Properties type="agent,office" view="table,grid,list,map" id=""]

You can use the parameter “type” to setup search:
type=”agent” – search by “Agent ID”
type=”office” – search by “Office ID”

You can use the parameter “view” to setup view type:
view= grid or list

Input your “Agent ID” or “Office ID” in parameter “id.”

Contact Data

[SCMR_Business_Card parameters="all"]

You should input “all” in the “ parameter” to display all the data.

Alternatively, you can choose which data will be displayed on your own. Input the fields to be displayed “@” separated – see below:
parameters= name@office@address@phone@email@skype@whatsapp@viber – only inputted data will appear.

Agent’s Data (separately)

[SCMR_Agent_Data type="name"] - will display your name
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="email"] - will display your email address
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="phone"] - will display your phone number
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="office_name"] - will display your company name
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="office_address"] - will display your office address
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="office_phone"] - will display your office phone number
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="license"] - will display your license
[SCMR_Agent_Data type="description"] - will display your short text from Agent Card


[SCMR_Footer_Box ...] - - this shortcode can be used to display widgets only for footer area.
It's for users with high-level technical skill.

Footer's parameters (for all block):
border_type - border type - any CSS border style (dotted, dashed, solid, double and other)
border_color - border color - any CSS color (#ffffff" or rgba(255,255,255,0.5))
border_size - border width in pixels - use only numbers (1,2,3...)
padding - use CSS padding value (5px 10px)
background_type="color" - background type (color or image)
background_color - background color - any CSS color
title_size - title font size in pix - use only numbers (18,20,24...)
title_color - title color - any CSS color
title_text - title text - (e.g. "Company Address")
title_type - title type (e.g. "myre_font")
class="" - footer class ID
id="" - footer block ID
Parameters of elements of the footer (can be used comma separated):
type - the type of the displayed element
subtype - the subtype of the displayed element
param1,param2,param3,param4,param5 - element parameters
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="map" subtype="12 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, USA" param1="400" border_type="dotted" border_color="#333" border_size="3" background_type="color" background_color="rgba(200,200,200,0.4)" padding="20px" title_size="18" title_color="#000" title_text="Company Address" title_type="myre_font" style="200" id="mapfoot_block"]

subtype - may contain the address, if blank - the address of the company will be displayed
param1 - map height can be specified
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="card" padding="10px 10px 10px 5px" id="cardfoot_block"]

TYPE=card - displays an agent card
subtype - may contain parameter from SCMR_Business_Card
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="pictxt" subtype="agent" padding="10px" param3="#ccc" id="agent_block"]

TYPE=pictxt - displays an image with text
subtype="agent" - displays agent image with description
param3 - color for shadows and strokes

if subtype="custom"
param1 - image link
param2 - text
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="imgbox,social" subtype="logo,line" padding="10px" id="first_block"]

TYPE=imgbox - displays images
subtype - custom or logo
param2 - image width (@ separated)
param3 - image target link (if any)
param4 - each image from new line or all

if subtype="logo"
param1 - image ID (a few may be used @ separated)
param5 - color for vector images

if subtype="custom"
param1 - image's URL
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="pictxt" subtype="agent" padding="10px" param3="#ccc" id="agent_block"]

TYPE=social - displays social buttons
subtype="line" - for special usage
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="custombox" padding="10px" id="custom_block"]< div style="font-size:30px;text-align:center;font-weight:bold;" > Hello World! < /div > [/SCMR_Footer_Box]

TYPE=custombox - any HTML code
The text must be inside the shortcode.
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="contact_f7" subtype="1616" padding="10px" id="cf7_block"]

TYPE=contact_f7 - displays Contact Form 7
subtype - Contact Form 7's ID
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="linksbox" subtype="custom" padding="10px" title_size="18" title_color="#fff" title_text="Custom Links" title_type="myre_font" id="links_box" param1="/test/@/zzz/" param2="Test Link@ZZZ Link" border_type="double" border_color="#ffffff" border_size="3" background_type="color" background_color="#ffffff"]

TYPE=linksbox - displays link block
subtype=menu - displays menu links
subtype=service - displays submenu links under "Service" tab
subtype=custom - displays any links

if subtype="custom"
param1 - url for link (one can use a few links @ separated)
param2 - text for the link
[SCMR_Footer_Box type="listings" subtype="all" padding="10px" param1="1" param2="price_desc" param3="2" id="my_listings"]

TYPE=listings - displays agent listings
subtype= from 1 to 10 @ separated or "all" - listing type (e.g. home for sale, business)

param1 - listing status (from 1 to 4 or leave it empty to display all of them - e.g., active, sold)
param2 - by what field sorting (price as default)
param3 - how many listings to display