What is it:
  • Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the World.
  • Wordpress has the largest number of plugins (add-ons) that are written by third-party developers (45,000+) and can be installed on your website for free.
  • Wordpress provides new updates quite often - adding new technologies and standards to the website.
  • There are many guides, tutorials and technical documentation that teach you how to use Wordpress. Some agents already know how to use it.
  • User-friendly and multifunctional Wordpress interface (Back-end) is very important if you want to create or customize your website data yourself.
Most of the Companies Provide:
  • Some companies provide a website built on Wordpress or similar CMS. But in most cases they create their own Admin Panel panel with the minimum required features.
  • The own Admin Panel is more profitable for companies as it is more controllable. The website owner gets access only to the features that cannot affect the website - which means less work for the support team. And if a user wants to do something special on his website, then he will have to pay extra for it.
  • Companies that provide websites on CMS usually charge additional fees for their future maintenance. Since these are quite complex and open systems, it will not be difficult for an inexperienced user to break such a website. But it can be very difficult to find and fix what exactly the user broke in such a huge system.
  • Most CMS systems do not have free plugins (add-ons) at all - which means you will have to pay extra for each additional feature in these systems.
What Do We Provide:
  • Your own websites based on Wordpress CMS + MyRE Theme.
  • You can create or edit your pages or ask us to do it - this is already included in your monthly payment.
  • You will be able to fully use all the additional features of Wordpress without fear of breaking your website - we will find and fix the breakdown on your website for free.
  • You can extend the capabilities of Wordpress by installing plugins from other developers. Many plugins have been working for many years and tested by millions of users.
Why do people love Wordpress?
  • User-friendly Control Panel.
  • Powerful knowledge base (Easy to find a solution).
  • 45,000+ available Plugins.
  • Shortcodes (Little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort).
  • Fully editable pages (Code and Visual Editor).
  • Frequently updated and adds new features.
  • Much attention is paid to website security and website accessibility.
  • Convenient tools for working with SEO, images, media and email.