What is it:
  • A beautiful website is the face of your company on the Internet.
  • Your website can create a positive impression of the owner if it is visually appealing to visitors. Such a visitor is more likely to become your client.
  • Professional website design is a rather complex work that requires specific knowledge - you must take into account the variety of web browsers visualization, the screen size of the devices on which your visitors are viewing your website, the correct selection of the size of the media content so that the size of the web page is not too large, etc.
Most of the Companies Provide:
  • Most companies offer a limited number of templates to choose from (typically from 2-10 templates) and their design makes it difficult (or impossible) to modify or make changes to further customize the design.
  • Some changes of the original design are usually included in the website setup fee. But if you want further design changes, you will have to pay extra for these changes.
What Do We Provide:
  • We want you to like your website - it must looks professional and at the same time it must be affordable.
  • We have created a flexible design system that can have thousands of design combinations - you can make your website completely unique.
  • Our system is able to change the design of each element of the website - we have a library of designs for each element and you can choose the ones you like.
  • You can completely customize the appearance of the Homepage - select pre-designed thematic blocks, choose their design and content, set up animation or parallax, etc.
  • Fine-tune the First Screen on the Homepage - about ten variations of information blocks for displaying on the first screen, each of which has at least seven types of design. Plus different types of backgrounds (video, parallax, slider, animation, etc.) with dozens of pre-designed variants for each type.
  • Our support team specialists will help you create a great looking website at no additional cost during the initial setup as well as in the future.