What is the MyRE Referral Exchange (starts in 2020)

* – starts in 2020.

MyRE has created an exclusive Referral Exchange (blockchain protected) for their entire countrywide network of real estate agents to take advantage of.
With the MyRE Referral Exchange, you can easily discover fellow MyRE agents and offices all around the country to engage in referrals in other cities or states. The more active you are, the more easily you will be found by other agents as well.
Our team of top-class engineers has designed the MyRE Referral Exchange to be as efficient and modern as possible, providing you with the tools you need to generate referrals instantly.

Sample – Outside the State

When a MyRE agent in California – let’s call him Bob – has a buyer looking to purchase property in Florida, he can hook him up with a quality MyRE agent across the country who can help him out.

Before now, Bob would have to email a lot of realtors in Florida, and ask for some advice. This, clearly, is a very inefficient way of managing referrals. You knew it, we knew it, MyRE knew it.

Sample – Inside the State

There are 500+ miles from San Diego, CA to San Francisco. Bob lives in San Diego. And a friend of Bob asks him to sell his nice property in San Francisco. Does Bob need to fly from San Diego? Host Open Houses? Negotiate with potential buyers? No! – Bob can use MyRE Referral Exchange inside the state too.

It’s much better just to click a few times than to fly to another side of the state.

Sample – You Have a Vacation

Sure, sometimes you take a vacation. What happens if you get a new lead via email who wants to rent a house in your city? (just as an example)
Will you lose the lead?

No! You’ll be able to use MyRE Referral Exchange Program and earn your commission!

With the launch of the MyRE Referral Exchange, the entire process is much faster, easier, and entirely self-serving.

Instead of making a phone call, MyRE agents can now search for referral partners based on a geographic location and post a message in that state’s group asking if anybody has a property that will fit with their buyer. And by having an active profile page, MyRE agents are more likely to be found by agents in other areas who are looking to make connections with potential referral partners.

And it’s free…